Certificates Don't Just Fall From the Sky

A successful T.R.I.P. / Scrip program at your school begins with people: a coordinator, a data entry/bookkeeper person, and volunteers.  This is what these people do each week:

The coordinator's responsibilities include overseeing T.R.I.P. on a week-to-week basis, being the contact person for phone calls (to keep the data entry person as anonymous as possible), taking care of any problems that arise, working closely with data enterer/bookkeeper, updating policies and procedures and keeping the participants and eligible participants informed ('publicity').  Enthusiasm helps here.

The data entry/Bookkeeper's responsibilities include entering the balanced orders to come up with totals of certificates needed for that week, ordering certificates from broker(s), running reports and labels needed to "stuff" ordered certificates, alphabetizing the orders, ordering and verifying certificates purchased directly, keeping track of participants earned tuition (by way of the MANNAger computer program), managing finances, bookkeeping (including cash disbursements, general ledger, income statement, balance sheet), and verifying certificates on-hand in the safe (if you've purchased extra certificates). Approximate time needed is 3-5 hours weekly.

The volunteers are assigned to one of several groups and assist as follows:

Order Turn in Day: A group of 3 volunteers (we have 2 groups that alternate every other week) that are responsible for the following: (the time needed is approximately 1.5 hours)

Certificate Delivery Day: A group of 3 volunteers (different than Turn in Day group) can easily handle up to $40,000 of certificates and are responsible for the following: (time needed is 1.5-2 hours)

Now you are ready for families to pickup their orders.  (Our office staff hands out certificates that do not get picked up immediately.)

( Direct any questions to us via e-mail: mannager@safeplace.net  or call 708-596-1710  best time to call 5pm to 9pm Central Time M - F.)

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Courtesy of MANNAger Systems   South Holland, Illinois  USA

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