MANNAger is a computer program designed to tabulate the sale of retail and grocery gift certificates when used as a fundraising effort by a school or similar organization. The program's primary function is Certificate Order Processing.  It also does Tuition Reduction Tracking, and Voucher Processing, and runs on most flavors of the Microsoft Windows operating system: 95 - 98 - Me - 2000 - NT - XP (i.e. IBM compatible computers, a.k.a. the Wintel platform). It has not been tested on Windows Vista.

We are interested in our users' ideas for modifications that will enrich the program and make it more useful to them. This link shows all the reports available. This link shows you a list of improvements made in recent versions.

Notice that this computer program is not an accounting program. It will not keep track of your cash flow, expenses incurred with the use of the certificate program, or certificates on hand (inventory) if your organization is purchasing extra stock from a broker or local merchants.  You will need a bookkeeper with accounting experience, and perhaps a separate accounting program to track your inventory, checking account, other expenses, and profits.

The MANNAger program is written in Microsoft's Visual FoxPro, and is compiled. Since the program is 'compiled', you do not need to purchase database software to use it. Source code is not included.

The MANNAger computer program requires the following hardware:

 Version 3.5a

1. An IBM-compatible Pentium class computer
(sorry we can't do it for the Apple/Mac OS)
2. approximately 12 megabytes of free disk space
3. 16Mb of memory, 32Mb or more preferred
4. Operating System:
Windows™ 95 or 98 or Me or NT or 2000 or XP
(Note: Installation on Windows Vista has not been tested and is not supported at this time.)
5. Any color display 800x600 or greater resolution
6. A printer: any laser or inkjet
Available on CD-ROM or
3.5" floppy (1.44Mb) diskettes (4)

NEW reduced price:   US$300.00 - CAN$300.00

If you have the Adobe Reader installed, choose one of these:
United States PDF Order Form | Canadian PDF Order Form
(Get the Adobe Get Adobe Reader software or Foxit Get Foxit Reader software PDF Reader for the Order Form)

Otherwise click here: United States ORDER FORM | Canadian ORDER FORM
If you know another school that uses our software, ask them for a referral coupon - it's $30 off the standard price for you, and a $30 referral reward coupon is awarded to them. Larger school systems or associations can purchase multiple copies of the program at a discount. A discount is also available for smaller schools (with fewer than 60 families enrolled in the school). Contact us for terms and prices which we set on an individual case basis.

The program comes with a complete bound manual including easy installation instructions. We will talk you through the procedure on the telephone if you are unsure about doing it yourself. Installation on your computer and training are available at extra cost plus travel expenses (we are in the Chicago area). Should you find a bug in our program, we will fix it and send you an updated version at no charge.

If you would like to try before you buy, a demonstration program on CD is available. Just e-mail a request with your name and address, and tell us about the school (who-what-where) you are associated with.  

How to contact us

Direct questions and inquiries to:

MANNAger Systems
473 E. 161st Place
South Holland, IL  60473-1616    

Randy Bosma   (708) 596-1710


Please tell us what school you are associated with.  Thanks.
Rev: April 2008

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