Reports available from the MANNAger Computer Program:
(version 3.5)

The first column describes the report, and the second column describes any additional features that are not obvious from the name of the report.  
Report Additional features Click link to view Sample
Family Name/Address list - brief or detailed

Name/Address labels (2-up or 3-up)

For all records, or these subsets of the entire database:
Regular - Donor - Future -
  Active - Inactive - Expired
Re-registration form Same subsets as above.
Teacher-Classroom list
Broker List
Certificate/Merchant List
Certificate Order Form
(for Scrip / Gift Certificates)
Certificate Order Stuffers List A list of everything ordered by each family
May be split by campus code
Certificate Order Tabulation by broker Can optionally be sent to a word processor, or
directly 'printed' to your faxmodem's print driver
Certificate distribution labels
(one for each family's order)
Your choice of 2-up or 3-up labels
Parent pickup lists with space for initials
Student pickup lists with space for initials
One name appears on either list for each order
Who-Ordered-What list (for one certificate or all in the current order)
(or for any one certificate in the last posted order)
Voucher/Business List
Voucher Checklist
Voucher Distribution Labels Your choice of 2-up or 3-up labels
Voucher Record List
History of Activity for any one Certificate Merchant
or Voucher Business
Summary of Total Activity by date for Certificate sales & Voucher receipts
EOCS monthly report of sales includes certificates and vouchers
EC Voucher Summary report Summarizes voucher activity over a date range
Best Selling Certificates for a date range - ranked most sales to least
Earnings Statements / Donor Statements Ability to select numerical range, or alphabetical range, or all statements
CEF Statement A specially sorted statment that subtotals each donor that contributed to a particular account
Tuition Earnings Report A line for each family/acount showing $ earned

Rev.: Nov. 2004

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