Here is an example of a certificate order envelope suppled by a broker. The same envelope is used when placing the order and when filling the order. The label from the MANNA-ger computer program is placed on the bottom of the front of the envelope, covering the Name - Grade - Room - Date blanks. This example from 1997 shows the wide array of certificates available from one broker, supplemented by locally purchased certificates and more printed on the back of the envelope. The size of this envelope is 10 3/4" x 4 3/4".

Order Envelope FrontOrder Envelope Front

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An Old Order Envelope

Hey, while you're looking, here is a really old example of a certificate order envelope. This is from the 1994 era - back when Scrip/T.R.I.P. fund raising was a new concept. Check out that huge selection! We crossed out FairPlay because they did not have a store in the area of our school, and we printed Walt's and Jewel/Osco in the blanks. They were certificates that we purchased directly from those stores. The 'Voucher Enclosed' stamp was added by us to expedite processing. The envelope was 9 1/2" x 4 1/8".