We offer the following example of policies to use as a base for your school.
Feel free to change, delete, or add to anything that does not meet your needs.

Policies of the C----- C-------- School
Tuition Reduction Incentive Program

1. The T.R.I.P. program will run weekly, except in summer. Current calendars of the T.R.I.P. order and pickup dates are available in the school office. A summer schedule will be published. Any questions about T.R.I.P. should be directed to the T.R.I.P. coordinators, Name____________   Telephone _________________.

2. The T.R.I.P. Voucher program will run as specified on the attached sheet.

3. The 'account' number on your order envelope is the same as your already assigned CCS family number (see your tuition statement). Family or friends may help you with your tuition reduction by ordering certificates on your envelope and Family Number, or by registering for their own number and envelope with the earnings directed to your family. All certificate orders for your number must be in one envelope, and all checks in the envelope must be made payable to C----- C-------- School Mothers Club. These checks are non-tax deductible because you receive dollar for dollar value. The back of your checks will be stamped T.R.I.P. Non-Tax Deductible.

4. The percentage earned on each participating family's envelope and number will be held by Mothers Club and credited to your account on the next tuition statement following October 15 and April 15. A statement of your purchases and percentage earned will be enclosed with your order envelope shortly after these dates. Any discrepancies must be brought to the attention of the T.R.I.P. Coordinator within 45 days of the statement date.

5. T.R.I.P. is being offered to promote the education of students at C----- C-------- School; therefore, the money collected on your Family Number will only be paid to C----- C-------- School for tuition reduction for grades K-8. If your child(ren) no longer will attend C----- C-------- School for whatever reason, the monies held under your Family Number can be:

      a. Credited to your outstanding tuition balance
      b. Credited to another family's tuition
      c. Credited to the General Tuition Assistance Fund
      d. Credited to the CCS Foundation

if written notice is received within 60 days of the time the child(ren) leave the school. Otherwise it will be transferred to the Mothers Club account.

6. Certificate orders will only be given to parents unless a Disclaimer of Responsibility form has been signed. This must be done for each school year before certificates will be released to your child. These forms will be kept on file. Your child will only receive the envelope with certificates ordered under your Family Number.

7. All completed certificate order envelopes are due by Monday at 1:00 p.m. to the teacher or school office. No late orders will be accepted. Filled orders and new order envelopes will be available on Wednesday after 3:00 p.m. or thereafter during regular office hours. Office hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during the school year. If a child is designated to bring certificates home, the child is responsible for picking up the envelope.

8. These gift certificates are just like cash. Neither C----- C-------- School nor Mothers Club are responsible for lost or misplaced certificates.

9. Anyone writing a N.S.F. check will incur a fee of $20.00 to be paid to Mothers Club. After two N.S.F. checks are tendered on your T.R.I.P. account, only money orders or cashiers checks will be accepted on your account. No further personal checks will be accepted for purchase of certificates.

Revised July 15, yyyy.

The Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (T.R.I.P.) being offered by C.C.S. Mothers Club uses the services of certificate broker organizations. These organizations purchase gift and merchandise certificates in large quantities at a discount from major food and retail chains. As a school organization, we are able to buy these certificates at the discount but in smaller quantities to sell at face value, thereby raising funds for families of our school. Your 'rebate' ranges from 2 to 14 percent of the certificate value. 'Rebate' percentages are subject to change without notice.

Participating certificate merchants: at 8%: Carson Pirie Scott; at 4%: Jewel/Osco, Dominicks, Cub Foods, Eagle, Fairway, Fair Play, Butera, Kohl's, JC Penney, Marshall Fields (Target-only if charged on Marshall Field's card and paid off with certificates), Sears and Al's Diner; at 2%: Walts Food Center. Walts, Jewel, and Al's Diner are listed on the back of the envelope.

The certificates can be used, for the most part, just like cash or a check at the participating stores. Certificates have an expiration date varying from six months to two years. Some stores limit the amount of change that can be returned from a certificate purchase (see individual certificates). Do not expect any change unless it is explicitly stated so on the certificate.

Charge accounts at Marshall Fields (Target), Kohl's, JC Penney's, or Sears (but not a Discover Card) can be paid with certificates. You must pay the account in person at a local store, since the certificates are considered equivalent to cash, and cannot be mailed.

Here's How T.R.I.P. Works at our school

1. A registration form must be completed each school year, and enclosed with your first order. The disclaimer section information is needed only if your child will be bringing your certificates home.

2. On your order envelope, write the dollar amount of the certificates you wish to purchase. The value of each certificate is $10, unless otherwise indicated. Total the order and enclose your payment. (Limit of $100 cash per envelope and/or preferably check(s) made payable to C.C.S. Mothers Club.) We reserve the right to change any incorrect dollar amount increments or issue a credit slip.

3. Your order envelope is due on Monday by 1:00 p.m. and may be given to your child's teacher or brought to the school office. No late orders are accepted, but can be held for the next week. Orders are processed every Monday, but you do not need to place an order every week.

4. Each Wednesday your filled order with a new order envelope attached will be available for pick-up at 3:00 p.m. Each week the new order envelope you receive will list your dollar amount earned from the week before. Orders may be picked up from the office during normal office hours by you or a designated child (see #1 above). During the school year the office is open from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

5. See attached sheet for explanation of the T.R.I.P. Voucher program.

6. Friends of CCS may participate in this program by purchasing certificates. Their proceeds may be credited to the tuition of a particular family for that school year or may be directed to the General Tuition Assistance Fund, the Mothers Club operating fund or CCS's Foundation.

7. Parents looking to the future and planning for the Christian Education of their young children at C----- C-------- School can also participate. These families will be assigned an 'account' number, the monies earned will be held by the Mothers Club, and will be credited as a tuition payment when their child is enrolled in Kindergarten (see policies, #4).

Revised July 15, yyyy

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