MANNAger -- Certificate Order Entry Screen:

MANNAger - Order Entry Screen

After the family number is entered, this screen comes up. You can scroll down the list of certificates by repeatedly pressing <Enter>, or more rapidly by pressing <PgDn>. Enter dollar amounts in the "$ Amt." column. An error message is displayed if the amount entered is not an even multiple of the certificate size (i.e. $7 of Baskin Robbins). At the bottom it tells you how many lines have been entered and their total value. Under the list of certificates the count of how many lines entered and the total is shown: when you get to the end of an order the 'subtotal' should match the total on the order sheet. When you press the <End> key the order is summarized and displayed (see below). This allows you to proofread the order as entered. The count and total are updated and the amount of 'tuition rebate' earned is displayed FYI. This keyboard entry method is a rapid and efficient way, and experienced users can work 'heads down', keying in certificate orders with minimal effort and maximum speed.

New: March 2001

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