Whada ya mean - Vouchers?? Certificates?

Here is an explanation of the difference between Gift Certificates (Scrip) and Vouchers in the MANNAger computer software (but not the 'education vouchers' offered by a government):

The Broker / Merchant / Certificate section of the MANNAger software is used to process gift certificates. You purchased them below cost (usually from a broker, but sometimes directly from a local store) and resell them at face value, resulting in a profit. The customers (your school's families) buy certificates from you before they go shopping, and some or all of the profit is returned to the families in the form of tuition payment.

The Business / Voucher section is used for larger purchases where certificates would be cumbersome or impractical such as appliance stores, car dealers. The customers (your school's families) spend their money at the business, and the business in turn 'rebates' an agreed percentage back to the school, and some or all of that 'rebate' is returned to the families, processed through the MANNAger software, in the form of tuition payment.

Three-part voucher formThis is an example of a three-part voucher form. Four of them can fit on an 8 1/2" x 11" sheet. They are printed on three-part carbonless paper; most local print shops can easily handle this kind of print job.

Rev.: 30 Jul.2001

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