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How to start a Scrip/T.R.I.P. gift certificate fund-raiser

The best place to begin is to organize a committee of parents with a vision for the idea. Having support from the administration of the school is important. Once the committee is set up the following steps need to take place:

  1. Decide how program will be offered (order forms / envelopes / cash-n-carry). (See below.)
    Will you use the proceeds for tuition reimbursement or some other need in your school?
  2. Establish policies and procedures. Remember - you are handling OPM (other peoples money).
  3. Set up bank account (we recommend it be separate from the school or organization).
  4. Select and purchase computer software for your program. [ MANNAger Software ]
  5. Publicize and 'market' your program to your families, an intensive job at first, but also an ongoing task.
  6. Set the date to receive the first order from your families. Orders are usually accepted at the school office.

Then each week:

  1. Gather all orders, tally each family and what they ordered from each store.
  2. Calculate the dollar totals for each store and call or fax your order to your broker(s).
  3. Deposit your family's checks into the bank, write check(s) for your order and take them to where the certificates are to be delivered. Some brokers are set up to use electronic funds transfer.
  4. After receiving your order it is important to check math and verify serial numbers. Put certificates back into the same envelope in which the family ordered from. This way they can see what they ordered.
  5. Send out new envelopes or order forms for the next weeks order.

And twice (or three times or four times) each year:

  1. Send statements to the families (they can be mailed from the school office with the tuition statement), and pay the tuition reimbursement earnings to the school in the name of the participating families who have earned it.
  2. Make any necessary changes in your program, and continue with publicity.

Deciding how your school will offer the program

You can use any all of these systems - whatever works best with your school, church, or non-profit organization.

Rev.: 16.Oct.1999

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